ABOUT ME: An Italian writer traveling the world

Author. But also painting conservator, drawer, photographer, singer; passionate about home décor, crazy for music and for medical studies, neuroscience, men-women psychology, and Sherlock Holmes-style stuff. All that’s for the list of activities and interests. I actually work for a hotel chain too, because I have an insane passion for hospitality. Besides that, words are my life and I play with them with all the tools I have access to. Meaning that when I’m not at the hotel: I give Communication Languages masterclass, and workshops on creative writing and web writing; I am a ghostwriter, editor, and proof-reader on books, articles, documents, emails; I use words to decorate – books, objects, cards.

In 2018, I have been interviewed by a group of students in Italian Language and Culture at Utrecht University, as an Italian author living in The Netherland. ‘Italian author living in The Netherland’. I am a topic. A study subject. Can you imagine how much my daughter is making fun of me? I like social media and the concept of connection they bring. I use all of them in a very different way. You can choose where to follow me by the footer. Human relationship is my faith, no matter how long the connection lasts. My fav quote is: “What is the point of velocity if the brain melts on the street?”. It is from St. Augustin if I don’t get wrong. If it’s not, you know the real author and you’ve got any proof, write to me and I will correct this paragraph.

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: I Viaggi della Druida

This website is my personal blog and writing/art portfolio. For my professional portfolio as Communications Expert, please refer to LinkedIn.

This website is not a traditional blog: it is a registered mark under my Consultancy ‘The Dots Connection’, operating according to Dutch law. Therefore, any content here published is protected by copyright.

The blog is about introspective and physical travel. It has been voted by the public as number 14 out of 100 among the best world travel blogs 2017 by I am so proud of my little creature.

Since I mainly write in Italian, for those who cannot read in this language I provided a translation tool at the bottom of every page.

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The Dots Connection is the name of my Consultancy, operating under Dutch law.
I Viaggi della Druida is a registered mark under The Dots Connection.
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Photo Credits

All my portraits by Photographers Clio Squadroni and Lucio Barbuio
Photos with actress Carmelinda Gentile by Enrico Brizzi
Portfolio and Photogallery: personal archive
Other photos: Artlite, Unsplash

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