The Dots Connection is the name of my Company. By making use of one of my products/services, you will get official paper as ‘The Dots Connection’.
Also my blog ‘I Viaggi della Druida’ is a registered mark under The Dots Connection.

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All prices are upon request.

Shipping fees/Travel expenses (bus, train, airplane and anything else may be necessary to meet up) are not included in the price list and they will be charged in addition to the product/service. Travel expenses higher than €50 are under client's responsibility and must be paid beforehand.
Payments are by cash or via bank transfer; please follow the instructions on the contract/quotation/invoice.
The date of payment is on the contract/quotation/invoice; please follow the instructions.

As a writer, I offer promotional storytelling, articles for blogs, magazines and websites, copywriting services, ghost writing, editing and proofreading of texts, books, letters, emails, documents, workshops on creative writing and web writing.
The duration of workshops may vary according to the number of participants, requests and time availability. Each workshop usually lasts 8 hours. Workshops cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the date can be fully reimbursed (e.g. date: 1 June, cancellation for free within 29 May). Those cancelled between 48 and 24 hours prior to the date will be 50% charged (e.g. date: 1 June, 50% payment if cancellation on 30 May). Those cancelled 24 hours prior the day or on the same day will be fully charged (e.g. date: 1 June, 100% payment if cancellation on 31 May or 1 June).

All the other products/services must be paid for their entire amount, might you decide to cancel them after confirmation for reasons not depending on me.

I have no responsibility for any failures, legal problems, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction feelings, your clients’/third parties complaints and everything else here not clearly declared but supposed to/intended to affect your future life/work choices and acts, which may occur after receiving one of my services. I am also not responsible for any incident and/or damage of any nature (physical, mechanical, psychological) you may have while coming to a meeting with me and/or during the time spent together no matter the location is (my home/your home/your office/neutral territory).
Photo Credits
All my portraits by Photographers Clio Squadroni and Lucio Barbuio
Photos with actress Carmelinda Gentile by Enrico Brizzi
Portfolio and Photogallery: personal archive
Other photos: Artlite, Unsplash

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