I wish I were
20 years younger
I’m not interested in starting all over again
I’m not interested in hanging around with no reason
Thing is: life is running
Question is: am I running out of time?
I wish I were
20 years younger
At that time, you’re facing life
Mira, here’s your Future, boy
I wish I were
20 years younger with a better conscience
To make different choices
Choose different people
Watch people, and watch out
I wish I were
20 years younger to have fewer scars
all over the body
the brain
the alma
and the heart
I wish I were
20 years younger
to have the right to sit
and to cry whenever I want
accusing alcohol to be the butterfly effect
on my bad judgments

While being as I am
consents not to stay in the center
allows now to look from another perspective
You sit in the corner
You wait for nothing, possibly
You’re simply done with waiting in a Godot style:
promises, premises, bonuses, gentleness
You wait for yourself converging in one piece
You know you’re the only one responsible
It may happen you drop a line of liquid thoughts from the eyes 
to the ground
It will be just the expression of your inner self
needing a break
asking for a pause
begging for silence
yelling after the fall down – which will be
at the same time
the starting point.
How many starting points
have been built so far.